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"We take
the headaches
out of
Industrial Stairs!"tm

Steel Stairs and Metalwork Projects Simplified.


How do we make it simple?


We remove the headaches from the project like the waiting, the delays, the lack of communication, potential design errors and elusive after delivery support.


We don’t just work for you, we work with you, to insure properly designed and easy to assemble steel stairs, roof ladders, fire escapes, handrails and other miscellaneous steel projects.


Using our system of cooperative precision, we work with you every step of the way. This system developed from many years of experience keeps our present customers coming back and new customers coming to our doors.


It starts with competitive pricing. If you can’t get the job and make money, we can’t either.


To get you fast, usually within 24 hours, accurate quotes you can upload your digital drawings right here on our quote page. No more waiting and wondering and being to late to bid.


We will thoroughly review your architectural drawings to discover and remove any possible errors that can cause major problems at assembly time.


When ever possible suggest design changes or improvements that can result in reduced production costs, ease assembly and installation.


We will get the shop drawings to you as quickly as possible so you can have them approved and be ready to go and not have your project held up and the architect waiting on you.


Project is fabricated quickly for on time delivery to the exact specification in the shop drawings in every detail. Your project can begin on time because your delivery will be on time.


Whether we assemble or you have your steel workers assemble the job we mark and bundle the product as if we were installing it ourselves making assembly and installation fast, precise and easy.


We include a step-by-step installation manual for your steel workers to follow. We have the manual online for review before your delivery. In the rare case of questions you can have them asked and answered before you being the installation, not holding up installation.


If you do have questions during installation just give us a call 973-786-6805 we will be glad to help.


We work with you! When you succeed we succeed!

Get your bids in on time with our fast estimates.

Get your architect’s approval quickly with our fast shop drawings.

Keep you project on schedule with our fast fabrication and on time delivery.